Du-Cote Liquid Protectant

What Is Du-Cote?

Du-Cote is a high quality paint sealant which is manufactured in Australia.  However, what sets it apart from other paint sealants or car polishes are the
following qualities:

  • Du-Cote is comprised of three types of waxes which give the paintwork a longer life as far as shine is concerned.
  • Du-Cote contains an anti-corrosion ingredient, cortec, and an anti-static product which makes painted surfaces easier to keep clean.
  • An application of Du-Cote lasts up to 2 years, however, generally speaking, an application of car polish lasts only 6 months.
  • Once you have applied Du-Cote you only need to wash your vehicle with a soft rag and a bucket of water. No detergents are necessary as the construction of the product inhibits it from being washed off, unlike some other car polishes.

Why Use Du-Cote?

As paint ages it becomes more porous and allows atmospheric moisture through to the bare metal underneath. These conditions are conducive to rust forming and the paint losing its lustre and protective qualities.

When buying a new vehicle paint protection is an integral part of the aftermarket package which typically costs around $500. For a fraction of the cost you can achieve the same results by applying Du-Cote yourself. It’s as easy as polishing the car.

In the past few years a number of vehicle manufacturers have been using acrylic (water based) paints, therefore it is advisable to protect your new vehicle’s paint.

By applying Du-Cote to your existing vehicle you can increase its resale value by rejuvenating the duco and extending the life of the painted surfaces.

Using Du-Cote

Preparation before use:

  • Clean and dry all surfaces before applying product

Methods of application:

  • Use a soft, clean cloth and rub in small, circular motions (approx 150mm radius)
  • Apply in the shade
  • Buff off with another soft, clean cloth
  • Apply to one panel at a time ie: rub in, allow to dry, then buff off, move on to the next panel

More Information

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“I have no idea how or why it works and I couldn't care less, I just know it saves me a fortune in maintenance.”

Paul Gibson
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