Lanolin Liquid Protectant

What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is a unique natural substance derived from the greasy coating on raw wool.   It is an all-natural, highly effective substance which acts as a moisture barrier and lubricant.   Its unique properties have been recognised for centuries and have not, as yet, been possible for scientists to duplicate.
The use of lanolin became less common from the late 1940s onwards as the use of harsh toxic chemicals became the industry norm.
In the last few decades however, there has been a shift in people’s attitudes and the realisation that society cannot continue to degrade the environment through the use of petrochemical based products.  Consequently, there has been a move towards using more environmentally sensitive alternatives.

In today's environmentally conscious society all natural products are the way of the future.  Some of the benefits of lanolin include:

  • Biodegradable - Natural protection
  • Penetrates
  • Lubricates
  • Preserves
  • Acid and salt resistant
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Non-conductive
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Cutting and drilling aid

Lanolin Applications

Motor Vehicles:

  • Protection of all electrical components including fuse boxes,  starter motors, alternators, pumps and generators
  • Moisture repellant for inside doors and tailgates, internal vehicle panels and electrical cabinets
  • Protection and lubrication of battery terminals and carriers, springs, twist locks, wheel hubs all brake hardware, wire cables, chains, nut and bolt threads


  • Protection and lubrication of circuit boards, control boxes, switchgear, toggle switches and electrical connectors
  • Protection of the micro-processing equipment of refrigeration units on road, rail and sea vehicles

Timber or Leather:

  • Protection, rejuvenation and preservation of timberwork, leather, plastic and vinyls

Farm & Gardening:

  • Protection of mowers, whipper-snippers and slashers to prevent corrosion
  • Prevents grass, fertilizer and mulch from sticking to equipment

Marine Equipment:

  • Moisture repellent and lubricant for outboard motors
  • Corrosion prevention for fishing tackle, reels and rods
  • Corrosion prevention and lubrication for trailers and hardware
  • Protection and lubrication of wire rope, pulleys and cables, electric switches, metal and plastic zippers

Sporting Equipment:

  • Protects and repels moisture when rubbed into shoes, gloves, saddles, cricket bats and used with golfing equipment

Using Lanolin Products

Preparation before use:

  • Clean and dry all surfaces before applying product

Method of application:

  • Spraying approximately 20-25 cm from the surface leaving a fine protective layer
  • Best applied in warmer temperatures
  • For timber and leather preservation it is best rubbed in with a soft cloth

More Information

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“I have no idea how or why it works and I couldn't care less, I just know it saves me a fortune in maintenance.”

Paul Gibson
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