Product Summary

Electronic Rust Prevention

For over 70 years scientists have known that an appropriate electrical charge introduced and maintained on a metal structure will prevent or reduce the rusting process. Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd has developed a proprietary electronic "capacitive coupler" system that significantly slows or stops the process of rust.


Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd has kits available for a range of vehicles from motorcycles to mining machinery and to suit even the harshest conditions.

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Spare Parts

ERPS also stock a full range of spare parts for each of the individual electronic rust prevention kits.

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Liquid Protectants

Although the Electronic Rust Prevention System is an extremely efficient and effective method of slowing or stopping the effects of rust and corrosion, there is still a place for protective coatings for vehicles operating in extreme conditions. ERPS offer a range of protectants specifically matched to various component requirements.



Xtra-Cote is a unique product in the fight against corrosion.  It is a sealer which penetrates and adheres to the base metal profile.

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Du-Cote is a high quality, paint sealant which is manufactured in Australia.  It is comprised of three types of waxes which give the paintwork a longer life as far as shine is concerned.

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Lanolin Products

Lanolin is a unique natural substance derived from the greasy coating on raw wool.  It is an all-natural, highly-effective substance which acts as a moisture barrier and lubricant.

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Flexi Clamps

Flexi Clamps are ideal in the automotive and marine markets as an alternative to traditional cable ties. There are an endless number of applications for flexi-clamps but the most unique feature is that it is reusable - unlike conventional cable ties.

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