ERPS Testimonials

See below for what some of our customers have to say about our Electronic Rust Prevention Systems and the results they have achieved with our products. 

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Anthony Holman
"I was sceptical that such technology would be any help"
Anthony Holman

22 November 2012

Mike Heidemann
“ERPS is the best anti-corrosion protection that we have ever used at Couran Cove Resort, and we have tried just about everything.”
Mike Heidemann, Fleet Maintenance Manager | Couran Cove Resort

Peter Ragno
"We used to get 3 years out of a Land Cruiser TOPS. We work them on the beach, drive them in the ocean, all day every day. After 3 years there’s nothing left of them. This truck with the ERPS system is nearly 7.5 years old and it’s just amazing. There is no rust in the cab whatsoever and this thing lives in the ocean – they are just amazing things."
Peter Ragno, Professional Fisherman | NSW

Daniel Iselin
"I fitted the ERPS system to my 1992 Toyota Landcruiser Wagon in 2001. After picking up a bunch of brochures at one of the 4WD shows, I decided to purchase the ERPS system. It had the most experience in the industry and it was also Australian made. I go to the beach 2-3 times a year. When I return from the beach I give the vehicle an under body wash, but I don't go over board. With the type of environment I subject my vehicle to, and from previous experience, I know there would be some form of rust if I wasn't using the ERPS system. Without a doubt the ERPS system is the best rust prevention I have ever used. It is simple to fit, it works and the sand doesn't stick to it. No sign of rust means the system is doing its job, and when people comment on how good it looks for its age, that's always a bonus."
Daniel Iselin, Browns Plains | QLD

Brett Higgins
“Since fitting the ERPS system to my vehicle I know I have saved heaps in maintenance costs and the ute is looking good.”
Brett Higgins, Professional Fisherman | Tweed Heads
“I inspected seven of the lifeguard vehicles and observed that there was little corrosion and that the ERPS system was giving better protecti...

George Done
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