What System Do You Need?

The E8000 ($725)

This system has been specifically tailored to protect 4WD’s & SUV’s from rust in extreme conditions. The system is designed to prevent corrosion in the harshest environments such as beach driving, salted roads, snow and general coastline driving.

This system is suitable for new or used vehicles, offering our penultimate level of protection and a comprehensive 10-year product warranty.

Who Is This System For?

The 4WD Adventurer

The E8000 is our newest system, custom designed for the 4WD’er with a sense of adventure. The regular retail price for this system is $725.

Your 4WD is experiencing harsh conditions on the regular, and as a result, we recommend this custom system to protect you and your vehicle.

Regardless of how well you are taking car of your vehicle – based on your lifestyle and environmental conditions, your vehicle is at serious risk of rust damage.

An ERPS system will help improve the longevity of your vehicle, re-sale value and give you peace of mind to continue living the life you love.

Common Vehicles For This System:

  • Toyota: Landcruiser, Hilux, Prado, Surf, Kluger, FJ Cruiser, 4-Runner
  • Nissan: Navara, Pathfinder, X-trail, Patrol
  • Mitsubishi: Pajero, Triton
  • Ford Ranger
  • Holden Colorado
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • VW Amarok
  • Jeep: Rangler, Cherokee
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Subaru: Forrester, Outback

Why Do I Need Rust Prevention?

Running a 4WD is expensive.

Registration, fuel, tires, insurance, service costs, parts – the list goes on.

Not to mention all the gear…although, it’s not too bad paying for that.

So why on earth would you want to shell out another $725 on rust prevention?

Great question

The truth is – it’s all about perspective and value.

If I was to ask you how much you spent on your 4WD, I’m guessing it’s somewhere between $40,000-$55,000 (on average).

But then if I was to ask you how much you spent doing it up – we can probably ad another $5,000-$10,000 quite easily.

Never mind the amount of time you spent getting it JUST RIGHT!

So…you’ve spent all this money, time, energy and effort getting your vehicle just the way you want it.

I think it’s fair to say at this point, it’s more than just a 4WD.

This is your family car, work-horse, off-road companion and often – a large part of your livelihood.

So now if I was to ask you – what is this vehicle worth, could you give me an answer?

You can probably see what I’m getting at here – your vehicle is important and part of your lifestyle.

…a lifestyle that we want to protect.

I mentioned all the other expenses for your vehicle at the start of this article…but now let me ask you – how many of these costs are on-going, mandatory and add NO value to your vehicles worth?

The reality is – these are all expenses of owning a vehicle…not investments.

So why on earth would you want to shell out another $725 on rust prevention?

The answer is – because you value your lifestyle, your 4WD and protecting your asset.

Oh and don’t forget – each ERPS system comes with a 10-year product warranty…yep, 10-years of guaranteed performance – not a new one every 6-12 months.

So, if I was to offer you the opportunity to protect your vehicle for $72 a year from rust, would you do it?

Would you invest 1-2% of what you spent on your vehicle to protect it 24/7, 365 days a year?

Seems like a simple decision.

Don’t wait around or put it off any longer – get your ERPS system ordered today and start enjoying the peace of mind knowing you and your 4WD are protected and insured. 

Want To Know How It Works?

“Since the fitting of the E.R.P.S system the vehicle has remained in excellent condition. We have saved time and money and it is obvious that our essential vehicles will remain in service for considerably longer than would otherwise have been the case”
Tugun SLSC

Here's What You Get:

10 Year Warranty

We’re so confident in the performance of our product, that we back every system will a FULL-10-Year Warranty! If anything goes wrong with your system, simply send it back for a full repair or replacement.

E8000 Kit

Kit Contains

1 x Electron Generator 

1 x Fuse Pack 

1 x Product Warranty (not pictured) 

1 x Wire 

8 x Coupler 

8 x T-joiner 

8 x Medi-Swab

Installation Instructions

Whether you’re looking to install the kit yourself, or have someone else fit it – we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re looking to do the job yourself, you’ll get both our installation video & guide to get you started. 

Or if the tech stuff isn’t your scene, simply contact us and we’ll organise the quotes and arrangement of your install!


100% Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with the product or service? 

No questions asked, we will return 100% of your purchase cost.

Unlimited Technical Support:

If you’re worried about the technical side of things, or are just looking for reassurance – we offer unlimited technical support for the life-time of your product.


We are a family owned and operated business who have been manufacturing Electronic Rust Prevention Systems, right here in Australia for over 20 years. We design, test and manufacture every component for extreme conditions which we back with our full 10-year product warrantyIn addition to this, each ERPS system is:

  • Certified
  • DIY Install
  • Suitable for new and used vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Transferable
"Like most SLSC, our 4WD rescue vehicles are on the beach almost daily, and despite our best attempts with conventional rust proofing, we had constant and expensive problems with rust and brake maintenance. The ERPS people have provided ongoing help and we have no hesitation in strongly recommending the ERPS system to other operators of ‘extreme use vehicles”
Sunshine Beach SLSC

What Others Are Saying About Us:

“I’m very happy that 10 years ago I decided to go ahead with this system! Its paid for itself 10 fold. If you drive on the beach, or even just launching a boat often you would be crazy not to get one of these kits installed!”
Brandon H
“For us its like a godsend, you have saved us thousands of $$$ every year. So you know for a very small outlay, really, compared to what you get at the end, the end result is just amazing.”
Peter Ragno
Commercial Fisherman
“We are in one of the harshest environments on the planet and with the amount of salt water that those trucks get through them- It’s just unbelievable. Anyone that buys a vehicle living on the coast, around the estuary’s or anything like that – they’d be silly if they didn’t invest in these”
Paul G
Commercial Fisherman

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding electronic rust prevention…and as a result, a lot of questions. We’ve listed some of the most common questions we receive below:

Q1: How Does It Work?

A1: ERPS utilizes Capacitive Coupler Technology which provides a negative charge to the vehicle or structure being protected. This negative charge, which is electron rich, helps to reduce the rate of oxidation and ultimately, prevent rust.

Q2: Does It Work?

A2: Yes it works! The concept of using electricity to prevent rust has been around since 1824, however, was adapted for automotive use in the mid 1980’s. ERPS has been manufacturing electronic rust prevention in Australia since 1996 using Capacitive Coupler Technology – the only accepted technology for ‘free air’ structures.

Q3: Is it worth fitting an ERPS system if my vehicle already has rust?

A3: Yes – The principal of operation works the same for both old and new vehicles. It works to slow the rate at which the steel reacts with environmental elements which cause rust. Hence, whether your vehicle is new or already has some rust, the ERPS system will work to slow the rust reaction and extend the life and value of the vehicle.

‘8 years ago we had ERPS installed on our first ATV – we regularly maintained it, we’ve never ever seen a spot of rust. It’s been fantastic!’
Burleigh Heads SLSC

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All systems come with a FULL-30-Day money back guarantee...ensuring you get EXACTLY what you paid for.

Free Shipping

All systems come with free shipping - no matter where you are in the world.

On-Going Support

Whether you want help with installation, on-going support or just to have a chat we offer FREE on-going tech support via Email or Skype