Why ERPS The Best Quality Electronic Rust Protection System

If you’re reading this chances are; 

(1) You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting the right 4WD 

(2) You want it to last and retain its value for as long as possible. 

So it makes sense to want the best level of protection for your investment.

If you want peace of mind, protection that lasts and guaranteed results – you’re in the right place.

The 3 Big ERPS Differences



If you’re spending decent money on rust protection – you want results.

That’s why we offer 10 year warranties for both performance and results.

When you purchase an ERPS system you get:

  1. 10 Years of guaranteed performance from the system.
  2. 10 Years without rust, guaranteed (conditions apply)

What This Means For You:

  1. Guaranteed Performance
  2. Guaranteed Results
  3. No Rust In Your Vehicle



The level of protection your vehicle receives comes down to 2 variables:

  1. System Strength (Output Voltage)
  2. System Coverage (Number Of Pads)

With systems ranging from 2-10 pads for vehicles and the highest output voltage available, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have the best level of coverage available with your ERPS system.

What This Means For You:

  1. Highest strength system
  2. More Coverage
  3. Better protection



We’re proud to be an Australian owned and made product.

95% of all ERPS components are built in-house by ERPS team members.

From better design, to the components themselves – the ERPS system is simply the best built electronic rust protection you could buy.

What This Means For You:

  1. Better Build Quality
  2. Better Components
  3. A Better Product

How Its Built Better...

ERPS Rust Protection Generator

Our Generator:

  1. Output is 460 volts (approximately)
  2. Higher output voltage aids in the distribution of the electrical charge. 
  3. The generator monitors voltage drop and indicates a fault if voltage drops below a set point.
ERPS Coupler Electronic Rust Protection

Our Couplers:

  1. ERPS couplers are fabricated with an injection moulded top, which gives a very robust and durable finish.
  2. The coupler is completely assembled then placed in a press, where it is injected with silicone, giving a 100% seal.

Our Loop-Ciruit:

  1. ERPS runs a unique, closed loop circuit to the couplers. 
  2. This enables the generator to monitor continuity in the circuit. If the wire is broken at any point, a fault is immediately shown. 
  3. If a fault is indicated, the system will immediately reset, once the fault is rectified.
ERPS Fuse Kit

The Fuse:

  1. ERPS uses a purpose designed and built, fully sealed, resin fuse which is capable of running underwater. 
  2. The fuse is designed with a LED light built into the end of it, which comes on if the fuse should blow, thus simplifying the test procedure.
ERPS Rust Protection joiners

Our Joiners:

  1. Purpose designed, silicone filled, injection moulded joint that is 100% water tight. 
  2. Very little heat involved, with no stress to the wire insulation. 
  3. Factory finished look. Specially designed with ribs to match the protective split tubing.
ERPS Rust Protection Wire

Our Wiring:

  1. “Marine Grade” wire insulated to 1000 volts. 
  2. Wire is “tinned” giving better resistance to salt damage.