Electronic Rust Prevention Systems - ERPS         


Electronic Rust Prevention Systems - helping you win the expensive war on vehicle rust!

  • Affordably protects your vehicle from rust, even in places traditional chemicals and sprays can't reach
  • Can save you thousands of dollars on vehicle maintenance
  • Helps to protect the trade-in value of your car, truck or 4x4
  • Helps to keep new vehicles looking new
  • Works on new or used vehicles

Stop rust before it starts with ERPS

ERPS uses a revolutionary yet proven method of electrostatic charge to stop rust before it starts. By slowing down the chemical reaction between the steel in your vehicle and the oxygen, chemicals, salt and humidity that cause rust, ERPS helps prevent rust even in the most harsh environments.

ERPS is designed to protect not only the outside of vehicles but also all the inner, hidden areas that traditional sprays can't reach and can never fully cover.




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Is ERPS the right rust prevention solution for you?

ERPS can save money by preventing or retarding rust on almost any steel structure from cars, 4x4's and boat trailers through to earthmoving and mining equipment, buildings and towers. ERPS is the right rust prevention solution for:

  • Commercial fisherman
  • Park rangers
  • Surf clubs
  • Councils
  • Mining companies
  • Tradesman
  • Private vehicle owners


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ERPS is one of the most technologically advanced rust protection system available today. It's also:

  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Simple
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will complement any other anti-rusting method already applied


More information

> If you're serious about winning the war on rust, check out the ERPS product range

> If you have any questions about the ERPS system, contact us here


"I fitted the ERPS system to my 1992 Toyota Landcruiser Wagon in 2001. After picking up a bunch of brochures at one of the 4WD shows, I decided to ...

Daniel Iselin
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