Installing Your ERPS System

8 Simple Steps

Wondering if the system is hard to install?

Here’s an overview of your 8-key steps:

  1. Get Your Kit & Tools Setup
  2. Attach Your Generator
  3. Connect Your Fuse To The Generator
  4. Identify Coupler Locations
  5. Attach Your Couplers
  6. Connect Couplers To Power Line
  7. Connect Your Fuse To The Battery
  8. Test It’s Working

And just like that, your system is installed.

Download The Install Manual

The installation manual will give you a full overview of fitting your ERPS kit – specifically for your type of vehicle!

Video Guide

Want to see the ERPS install for yourself?

You can watch the entire instruction video here.

Teamed with the install manual, you’ll have everything you need for a simple DIY installation.

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