How Electronic Rust Prevention Works

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Looking to understand how electronic rust protection works? 

The following short video will explain things in a simple and easy to understand way, in under 2 minutes. 

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How An ERPS System Works

What is Rust & How Does it Form?

Put simply, rust forms as a result of a chemical reaction between your vehicle and its environment.

When your vehicle is exposed to humidity, moisture or salt water this reaction is accelerated and the severity of the rust is dramatically increased

How Does ERPS Stop Rust?

An ERPS system sends a negative charge through the body of the vehicle, which neutralizes this chemical reaction – ultimately, keeping your vehicle rust free.

electronic rust protection how it works

How Does the System Work?

The system generator is connected to your main vehicle battery and connected to a number of pads or couplers around the vehicle.

The generator draws a tiny current of around 20 milliamps that won’t flatten your battery.

The Technology Behind ERPS

From here, the generator increases the voltage and transfers this to the couplers around your vehicle.

The couplers work on our patented capacitive coupling technology and distributes this charge around the vehicle body. The coupler becomes positively charged, in turn polarizing the vehicle with a negative charge. 

Capacitive Coupling Electronic Rust Protection

What This Means For You


The end result is that your vehicle is protected against rust and you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is protected 24/7 every day of the year.