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The Best Built 4x4 Electronic Rust Protection For Over 25 Years.

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No Rust In Your 4WD, Guaranteed For Up To 10 Years.

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We have been in the rust prevention business for 25 years… over that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about rust protection.

What we do is simple – we help you solve your rust problem, quickly and simply. 

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How Does ERPS Work?

The process of electronic rust prevention can be a little complicated at first (as it involves both electrical and chemical reactions)… but here’s the simple version:

1. Iron Rusts In Oxygen

Iron (the base element of steel) rusts when exposed to oxygen. As most vehicles, machinery and structures are above-ground this reaction is happening all the time.

2. ERPS Slows The Reaction

Basically, an ERPS rust protection system seeks to slow down the natural rusting process. It does this by supplying excess electrons to the Iron structure, which reduces the rate of rust.

3. Rusting Is Reduced

Though we get a lot of positive feedback of our systems 'stopping' rust - the truth is, rust will always occur. However, with the addition of a good rust protection system the effects of rust can be dramatically reduced.