7 Practical Tips For Aussie 4WD'ers

Is there anything more satisfying than packing all the gear, loading up the 4×4 and getting away from everyone and everything?!


If this sound like your ideal weekend, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of adventure! For most Australian 4WD owners, beach driving is one of the most pleasurable & accessible ways to enjoy your vehicle. However, often in amongst all the excitement we can overlook a key component of a good trip: 


Looking after and maintaining your vehicle isn’t always exciting. Actually, most of the time it’s straight up boring! However, if you care about your vehicle’s longevity or making it back from your next trip, it’s important to think about all necessary procedures both before and after the getaway.



To help you on your next adventure, we’ve compiled a super simple and practical 7-step guide to help maintain your 4WD and keep it in top shape! 


Maintaining and servicing your 4×4 can be a costly process; especially if you’re going off-road. Other issues to watch out for : heavy towing, badly fitted/poor quality parts breaking or malfunctioning, rough driving conditions (such as unsteady ground, river crossings, corrugated roads, sand or mud) and intense weather.

Although most of this information is common knowledge, we hope that it may jog your memory on your next trip or perhaps shed some light on a new technique for keeping maintenance costs and off-road troubles to a minimum.

Bonus Tips:

1. We always recommend to follow your vehicles service book recommendations regarding engine and oil specifications.

2. To prevent costly engine and/or fuel systems damage (due to contaminated fuel) – late model diesel’s can use an extra fuel filter fitted in the supply line.

Remember  – Prevention is better than cure…

From all the team, best of luck on your next adventure and stay safe!



Have you got any tips for 4WD maintenance? Let us know in the comments below!