Gold Coast Real Estate and Rust

If you’re looking at buying real estate on the Gold Coast, chances are you aren’t thinking about rust. In this article, we’ll discuss what you must consider when buying a new home or investment property on the Gold Coast, and why rust (among other things) is a potential risk, you must be aware of and protect your investment.

Gold Coast Real Estate

The Gold Coast has long been a popular destination for people looking to buy real estate, thanks to its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and sunny climate. However, when purchasing Gold Coast real estate, there are often potential property risks that are overlooked in coastal towns. One of the most common overlooked factors is of course rust. 

Rust can cause significant damage to properties located near the ocean. Rust is a form of corrosion that occurs when metal is exposed to air and moisture for extended periods. In coastal areas like the Gold Coast, saltwater, humidity, and sea spray can accelerate the process of rusting. So the question remains, how can you protect your Gold Coast home from rust?

To minimise the risk of rust, it’s important to consider homes built from materials resistant to corrosion, such as timber or aluminum. When this is not an option, Gold Coast homeowners may look into an electronic rust prevention system to ensure their home has a better chance against the harsh Gold Coast environment.

An electronic rust prevention system is a device designed to protect the metal components of a vehicle or home from rust and corrosion. It does so by emitting a low-voltage electrical charge that creates a protective barrier on the surface of the metal, preventing rust and corrosion from forming. So, what checks can you need to do, before you buy your next Gold Coast property? 

To ensure that your investment in the Gold Coast real estate market is a success, it’s important to have a real estate professional inspect your home for you first. Hiring the services of a Gold Coast buyer’s agent to help facilitate the inspection and purchasing process can make all the difference. A licensed real estate buyer’s Agent will organise a professional building and pest inspector to give your home a detailed once over and spot areas of concern and recommend appropriate remedial measures. But it’s not just your home at risk of rust. 

In addition to the risks associated with properties, rust can also be a significant concern for cars, bikes and boats in coastal areas. Saltwater and sea spray can cause significant damage to the metal surfaces of vehicles, which can reduce their lifespan and affect their resale value. 

To minimise the risk of rust on your car or boat, it’s important to wash them regularly with fresh water to remove any salt buildup. You may also want to consider using a protective coating or electronic rust inhibitor to prevent rust from forming. If you store your car or boat near the beach, it’s important to protect it with a cover to minimise exposure to saltwater and sea spray. 

Overall, buying Gold Coast real estate can be a great investment, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and take appropriate measures to protect your property. By hiring a local real estate buyers agent and installing an electronic rust prevention system you can minimise (if not eliminate) any issues with rust in your new home.