Tips To Tackle River Crossings With Roger Vickery - ERPS

Tips To Tackle River Crossings With Roger Vickery

No matter what the weather forecast says, it’s important to make your 4×4 waterproof. Expose your vehicle to river crossings, beach driving or acid rain – you’re going to give rust a chance to get a toe-hold. The best protection you can give your vehicle before attempting a water crossing is to actually walk through it before the vehicle. That way, you know how deep it is and what’s on the bottom.

No matter how much mud and water you intend on exposing your vehicle to, it’s a great idea to get an ERPS – an Electronic Rust Prevention System. It guarantees to make the car safe from rust, and keeping it in prime condition for years to come.

Exert taken from Creek to Coast official website: Full story can be found here!
Channel 7 – Originally aired May 7th, 2016.

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