Protecting The Aussie Dream – Creek to Coast

  If you’re a fan of this show (Creek to Coast), chances are you’ve thought about loading up the van, hitching it up to the car and taking off around the country. It’s the great Australian dream. Now plenty of people talk about doing it, not that many people actually get around to doing it. We’re about to meet a man who’s put his money where his mouth is.     Paul Gibson is definitely what you’d call a silver lining kind of bloke. Even in a summer downpour, he’s still got a smile on his face. And why wouldn’t he! Travelling the country with the 5th-wheeler hitched up, and his wife Sandy by his side – it’s a setup and lifestyle that plenty of people would envy.     Paul and Sandy are making the most of retirement and have the pics to prove it. They’ve spent the majority of the last 6 years on the road, and aren’t showing any signs of settling down anytime soon. I was just having a look at some of these photos and I saw the rig, fully complete. You’ve got the tinny on the top of the truck…   ‘There’s two things in life you’ve gotta take with you – the cook is number 1 and the tinny is number 2!‘   – Paul Gibson, Ex-Commercial Fisherman  
For people contemplating that wandering lifestyle, what would you say to them?   ‘Um, what would I say – I would say…that there’s a goal to look forward to and don’t leave it too late! I should’ve retired 5 years earlier.‘     For Paul, it’s a well earned reward for 35 years working as a pro fisherman on the Gold Coast. I was looking at some of this vision before, this is you catching fish on the beach is it? ‘Yeah that’s correct’   It’s a job that’s the very definition of tough on the gear. In fact, he reckons you’d only get about 2 years out of a truck, before it was time to trade it in for a new one…that was before he was introduced to a thing called ERPS – Electronic Rust Prevention System.   Previous to putting electronic rust prevention in my vehicles, when we’d take the vehicles to trade them in, the dealership wouldn’t want to know us.  
 They’d say, if you took it to a farm you might get $2000 for it, if you’re lucky ! But since I was introduced to this electronic rust prevention, the first 2 1/2 years we had the vehicle, I took it in and the guy says   “Aw jeez, it’s not a bad looking vehicle – I might have to give you about $20-22,000”   – I nearly fell off the chair!’
After 20 years of field testing, he’s now a convert. In fact, he’s got an ERPS installed on both of their Land Cruisers. Sandy’s 100 Series and the tow-car, Paul’s custom dual-axle Cruiser Ute. It’s quite a technical system, even Paul admits he doesn’t really know how it works. But he’s seen firsthand the difference it makes – and that’s enough for him. There’s an Electronic Rust Prevention System to suit just about every vehicle and application.   Are there any negatives that go with travelling on the road? ‘Coming home!’
Exert taken from Creek to Coast official website: Full story can be found here! Channel 7 – Originally aired March 3rd, 2016.

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